Sunday, 15 March 2015

Happy Mother's Day

Happy Mother's Day to all the Warrior-Ladies out there. What we do is often unacknowledged and unaccounted for,  but most of us do it with enormous pride and love.

The Husband is booked on a weekend out of town (Yes..I know..don't get me started on that), so it's business as usual this Sunday morning. Tara woke up and came into my room armed with hand made objects of art. There was a bit of desperation about her as she presented me with her favourite raggedy pink satin ribbon and blue stick on jewel. She looked around her room and looked for anything else that would make me a good present. I stopped her, gave her a big hug and said I was very happy with her presents and didn't need more than a lovely hug and a kiss.

I got a few hugs and kisses then she went to her money box, emptied out a handful of coins and asked me to spend it! I politely declined saying she was very generous but I couldn't accept them as she was my little girl and I was happy just spending the day with her. Still not satisfied, she sat on the edge of her bed-thoughtful. She said, she would eat just bread this morning-not toasted, and dinner also should not be cooked by me, as it was Mother's Day and I shouldn't have to cook.

In all her little gestures, I understood that SHE understood and was aware of everything I do for her. What better gift could I ask for? That understanding and thoughtfulness.

There was a call from The Husband for Tara that had her rummaging somewhere in her room. She emerged triumphant with a box of chocolates for me, and a chocolate cake, (a day past its best by date) for us to share. She relaxed visibly, and I gushed about how I appreciated all this but my favourite was still the card and art she made herself.

Tara gave me a warm hug and we went down for breakfast together. Perfect.

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