Tuesday, 26 July 2011

My little politician

Tara sat on the steps and triumphantly declared that she had put on her own socks. The Husband nodded appreciatively as if she had just discovered a new planetary system. Tara rose up slowly and declared that 'Miss' in school had taught her how to put on her socks.....and taught her numbers.....and the alphabet.....and tidying up etc. etc. etc. I couldn't stand being all magnanimous anymore, and exclaimed, "Didn't I teach you any of those things?"

Tara turned around and said, "Of course Mummy, you taught me one thing..."

Great, I thought...just one thing...

"....and that one thing is EVERYTHING." concluded Tara with a flourish of her little arms as she strode away.

I was speechless....for a change. My little not-yet-four year old had said so much, with so few words. 

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