Friday, 22 July 2011


It was the last day of Tara's kindergarten today. Some of us mums-at-the-gate met up for coffee. It was interesting listening to the common concerns and hopes of other mums. Then the tears started....oh dear I thought sanctimoniously.

We all left to go back to school and waited to pick up the kids. This was followed by exchanging of numbers, pictures...and....more crying..

Today was a party by the teachers for the kids at the school. The bell went, and the children all came out one by one smiling and happy, while all the teachers and parents clapped. I was fine amongst the blubbering women...until my not-yet-4 year old Tara walked out smiling, carrying all her bags, shoes and report cards...wearing a paper crown.... and I unreservedly joined the tears brigade..

Teachers were thanked and hugged, and presents and cards given. The head teacher gave a small speech, which she has probably given many times over the last 25-30 years. She took Tara as an example of a child who has come a long way since that dreaded first week, and I was proud. 

Tara hugged her favourite teacher and said a well rehearsed "thank you for everything" as more sniffles wafted through the air. The kids were mostly happy and laughing while the mothers were a mess, what with our eyeliners and mascaras smeared everywhere but our eyes.

It was a day not only about the children, who frankly didn't seem to care about the fact that it was their last day at school. It was perhaps more for us mums-at-the-gate, with our dreams, aspirations and apprehensions for our children as they take another step towards growing up.

I think its time to go home. My little baby is all grown up and going to big school soon...More tears anyone ??

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