Sunday, 24 July 2011

Day out

Its Sunday today. As a family we tend to have a set routine on Sunday. Tara's Dad, (henceforth known as The Husband) usually takes her out for the morning. They visit their usual spots, have lunch and come back home, giving me the vital me-time I have for myself, to do as I please. Today I wanted to do something different....the 3 of us together. The Husband disagreed, but I dug my heels in.... Im good at that....digging my heels in. So we went to a beach, hardly 5 miles away. It took our breath away as a collective 'Wow' escaped our lips. All these years we have been so close to paradise, but always looked further afield.

Human nature I suppose. The most precious things are all around us. We just have to stop looking at the horizon for that perfect job, that perfect partner, that perfect life....and just look at what we have in and around us, and be grateful. Its a lot more than other people have. Everything in life is relative.

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