Tuesday, 29 January 2013

We did it !

I have been disoriented the last few weeks. What's new you might say.

It takes just a day to turn things around. The Husband has finally got his elusive permanent job. Yes, Tara's Papa will be coming home. I had been waiting for this news for years now. And when it came there was a range of emotions, but strangely there was no outpouring of joy and excitement. I must be crazy!

Instead, feelings range from disorientation, numbness, extreme exhaustion and other such strange feelings.

The Husband conveniently fell prey to a pretty strong bout of Man-flu the day he aced his interview and got the job. So celebrations were not to be. It was a relief because of everything I was feeling. Its been 5 days since this momentous event has turned our worlds around, and still I feel strange....out of synch. What on earth has happened?

Could one get so used to being on edge and in constant survival mode that when things change, one doesn't know how to change anymore?

A quick update on Tara. She is doing fine. Her reaction to her Papa getting his job was that she could stay in her school and can she now go to Disneyland? We had promised her this trip once we knew we were had a job and were going to be alright.

There is so much to do, trips to plan, houses to change, lives to settle...and most important for Mum (that would be me) to get her bearings back.

Well done Tara's Papa. You did good! 

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