Sunday, 2 December 2012

There is life..

I look around my chaotic life and think to myself...hang in there, there is life ahead...

It's not anything worrying or traumatic, just a phase in my life where I find myself in too deep, yet managing to stay afloat..just about.

I miss this place, I miss writing here. At the end of another day, my body protests and brain goes into shutdown. Thoughts abound as my head touches my pillow. But I am weary and cannot type as the pain in my hands is excruciating these days.

Life is ticking along. Tara is happy at school, but coming up to the holidays is exhausted and touchy sometimes. The Husband is working hard, still away from home but doggedly driving down 8 hours every weekend just to spend one day with us. I am battling physical challenges, loneliness and my biggest enemy, my anger flare ups. Sometimes I think I need time and space, not real space, just some space in my brain to set myself in order. But I find none.

And so it goes...

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