Tuesday, 5 March 2013

Have I lost my way Tara?

Dear Tara,

When I started writing this blog, my intention was to document all the little goings on in our lives. I wanted to record things that you said, or did for us to read and laugh or cry over years later.

But somewhere along the line, I think I lost my way. The last few months, life and its twists and turns got the better of me and I think I lost my way.

Its a slow and painful process - this getting back on track, but I can see a dim flicker in the horizon. The last few months my feelings, and emotions have travelled to great depths, almost bordering on despair. But like with most things, a bit of introspection, evaluating life and being grateful for small mercies works in the end.

I love you Tara.

p.s. Watching a quiz show where names of places are hidden in a picture displayed, the name "Bury" was shown as a dog burying a bone in a hole. You my dear Tara said, "I know! I know! It's DigDog!!"

I love you for making me smile :-) and everything else. Oh and thank you for eating lettuce today!!

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